Raw Juicing Guide | Getting started

Raw juicing, juice cleanse, juice fasting and all in between. 

What does it all mean? Is it healthy? Is it right for me? 

These are the questions I hope to help answer through this series. 

Let's get started! 

When people talk about juicing they might be referring to one of a few things; 

1. Juicing daily as part of a healthy diet (good way to get all your veggies)

2. Substituting juices for meals as part of a health program or diet. For either weight loss or disease reversal or overall health. 

3. Going on a juice cleanse or juice fast. A liquid only juice diet for a period of time.
Anywhere from 4 to 60 days with nothing but fresh raw, cold pressed juices. (check out this youtube video of a guy sharing his 100 day juicing journey

Disclaimer: 100 days is extreme, BUT he was an extreme case and he's happier for it.

 So what's best for you, I hear you say! 

We will get to that in just a min. 

Let's first see how Joe Cross, one of the world's biggest raw juicing advocates describes the benefits of raw juicing.  

What a great clip on the benefits of raw juicing! 

If you didn't watch it go back and check it out now. 


Let's get back to how you can get started raw juicing. 

First, you need to decide what your goals are. 

Do you want to lose some weight?
Eat for fruit and veggies?
Detox and clean out your system after the holiday season maybe? 


We at Lifestyle Juicery have prepared this guide to assist you on your juicing journey. 

This is the collected experience and wisdom of our founders, our team, and the thousands of juicers who have enhanced their health and lives with these simple, practical tips.

We recognize and celebrate that everyone’s story is different so we’ve made this guide as general as possible without compromising essential and important content.

Like you

We want (even need) the road to healthy change to be as wide and open as we can make it. We urge everyone to take only what seems useful to them personally.

It’s not a list of rules, 

but an organized and informative set of suggestions that have worked well for us.

We suggest a low-stress approach to juicing—rules, regulations, and rigidity can do more harm than good.

The hints we share have helped us set our own personal course to good health and to achieve our goals. There is enough good advice in here to help you do the same.

Whether that goal is improved general health and nutrition, body detoxication, clearer skin, disease reversal, or simply healthy weight loss—we’re here to help.

Enjoy the Guide to Raw Juicing from Lifestyle Juicery. 


And please don't forget if you do suffer from any medical conditions or are concerned by anything you read here, we strongly encourage you to consult a doctor before considering any juice cleanse, juice fast or raw juicing for fasting protocol/ diet. 

Cheers and juice on! 



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