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We believe any health-conscious restaurant or small business is incomplete without a range of organic, cold-pressed juice options. Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming, costly operation for smaller business. Why not focus solely on what you do best, and let us do FOR YOU what WE DO best: produce delicious, cold-pressed, 100% organic, pesticide and preservative-free juices.

Our team of expert nutritionists and chefs have a number of unique juice blends developed with your health AND palate in mind. See our list of popular recipes ranging from sweeter fruit blends to ultra-healthy greens packed with nutrients and combinations thereof!
Don't see exactly what you want, ask us about customized juice recipes tailor made for your business.

Not only can we work with you to create a unique recipe for your business, we offer CUSTOMIZED PACKAGING AND WHITE LABELING.  That means YOUR BRAND on your bottle that WE PACKAGE and deliver to you. To make the sourcing even easier for you, we can deliver free of charge within Bangkok Central Business District.

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