Juice Subscription Programs


Lifestyle's regular juicing program is designed to be as flexible and as customizable for each and every one of you to suit your lifestyle needs. Find out the whys and hows of the idea behind our juice subscription programs here.
The "Subscription" Method

Our regular juicing program is designed based on a subscription method as we believe that is one of the best ways to build a habit. A healthy habit. Changing your lifestyle requires commitment, and with subscriptions, there needs to be commitment. 
Our Variety of Subscription

Our subscription programs come with a variety of options:  60 bottles and 120 bottles. These options allow you to pick a subscription based on your preferred regularity of juicing, whether it's daily, weekly, bi-weekly, weekends only, weekdays only, etc. If juicing fits perfectly into your daily meals, the 120 bottle program would probably be your best choice. And if you would like to only juice 2 days out of the week, then maybe a smaller subscription would suit you better. Like we said, find something that works best for you! 
Our Bottle Sizes

If you're on a juicing subscription, juices are bottled in 250ml  sizes (as opposed to 500ml sizes in our cleanse programs). There's a reason behind it! We find these smaller sizes to be perfect for juicing as they are just the right amount needed for supplementing your meals (instead of 500ml for replacement of meals in cleanses). And for those who decide to replace meals, you can always do it with 2 bottles! Flexibility is key in creating a sustainable lifestyle change.

All of our subscription programs allow free delivery for every 6 bottles. How convenient! You get freshly pressed raw juices delivered to you and the how, when, what  (the regularity, the amount, the timing, the juice selection) are all up to you! Our recommendation is for you to plan your meals and schedule ahead to make the most out of it - just like everything else  in life! 


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