Weight Loss Juice Fast (900Cal, 700Cal, 500Cal Programs)

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Our recommended starting place for anyone looking for natural weight loss.
By starting with a weight loss juice fast program you'll give your digestive system a much-needed vacation by allowing your body to take a break from food, and see where and when the cravings pop up and are able to step away from any unhealthy food addictions (however mild).

While on this program you will also be able to effortlessly restrict your daily calorie intake without starving your body of much needed nutrition. 

**With our Weight loss programs, 2-4 Days is just a starting point to see how your body reacts to the program.

**We recommend 6-8 Days for a noticeable difference in weight reduction. 

3L of quality raw juice per day (6 Large Bottles)
*Unlimited customer and cleanse support
*FREE Juice Cleanse Guide
*FREE DELIVERY to Metro Areas

*Detox boosters can be added to the program. Click Here

Lifestyle Juicery Weight Loss Programs.

500 Calorie Program- This program is for more experienced juice fasters. It consists of mostly veggie juices. (Very Green) Juices include: 2 Green Day, 1 Shari, 1 Green Spice, Sweet Shari, and 1 Vegout.


700 Calorie Program- This program is our most popular weight loss program and a great program to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It's a blend of both fruit and veggies, so it is a great option for anyone. Juices include: 1 Lean Green, 1 Superman, 1 Shari, 1 KAL, 1 Green Day, and 1 Vegout.


900 Calorie Program- This program is for less experienced juice fasters. It consists of both fruit and veggie juices, but a little on the sweeter side. Juices include: 1 Seize The Day, 1 Lean Green,  1 Coconut Groove, 1 Vegout, 1 Red Rescue, 1 Green Day


Please share your goals with our friendly and understanding team so we can best assist. -Please send us a message on LINE app: Lifestylejuicery or simply reply to your email confirmation.

*2 days of juice is delivered at a time, so you will always have fresh juice for your cleanse. Each delivery is scheduled after checkout at the time frame of your choosing.

Still have questions? -Please send us a message on LINE app: Lifestylejuicery





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