Juice Cleanse and Weight Loss

Yes, sure it happens and it feels great. But a lot of the early weight loss is just our bodies throwing off excess fluids. Fluid retention or oedema has many causes including; too much salt or not enough protein, food and environmental allergies, poor circulation, and hormonal imbalances – women are particularly more prone to fluid retention. Oedema masquerades as fat (and looks like fat) and can add up to 3 kilograms to even the smallest frame. The Lifestyle Juicery Cleanse (LJC) helps flush out and eliminate these excess fluids. The natural diuretic properties of many of the raw vegetable ingredients we use have a high content of water – which actually helps get rid of excess water. Strange but true!


The beauty of the LJC is that most of our clients do not “feel” excessively hungry during the program. The juices are alive and are so jam-packed full of nutrients that our bodies are shocked by their potency and hunger is reduced as a result. The juices are consumed once every 2 hours so there’s always something to take in. If hunger strikes, very cold water with lemon juice will ease the hunger immediately.  

This is not a wonder diet – it’s a lifestyle. We do not claim any miracle cure of anything. 

If you really are serious about losing weight, contact us and talk about a long term healthy lifestyle plan that suits long term weight-loss. 

At Lifestyle Juicery – we know this is much harder to do than say. We’re realistic. We’ll help you help yourself by providing the raw juices that will do the rebooting of your entire digestive system – if done completely by-the-book, our detox program will change the way you think, feel and behave around food. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily this just happens as a direct result of rigorously following even the 4-day detox program as outlined. When completed, you’ll find yourself easily able to resist the temptation to binge on large bloating portions of unhealthy foods. You’re not tempted because they just stop tasting so delicious. They actually start tasting too rich, too sweet, too fatty, too bland. They start tasting like the poisons they really are – and you’ll find yourself leaving them on your plate and craving more and more raw unadulterated unprocessed foods. Yes – many lifelong food addictions and compulsions will completely disappear. It really is an amazing process to experience. We love witnessing these life-changing results in the diets and lifestyles of our individual clients. Hence we named our company after this phenomenon. The Lifestyle Juice Cleanse is exactly why we’re in this business. We believe that this is certainly not a trend and will become mainstream health science very soon.   

You’ll keep the weight off by moderate exercise and watching what you eat after the detox cleanse. You’ll avoid big portions of anything because when you do binge, you’ll feel terrible, bloated and uncomfortable. The gas and the heartburn will return and you’ll know exactly what foods have caused it. Eating healthy slowly becomes a way of life. You’ll slowly start evaluating exactly what goes into your body, and over time, you’ll eliminate the dangerous toxin-laid fatty fried foods, processed carbohydrates and added sugars in your diet.  

Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead if you require any more motivation. If he can do it – anyone can. If you stumble and fall – don’t be too hard on yourself – just give us a call and get back on the juice. Happy juicing! 



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