Getting Ready

Want to get the most out of your cleanse? Of course you do—you’ve embarked on a life-changing enterprise, and you want to make it count.
Starting out on the right foot is essential, and believe us preparation is key. 


Caffeine withdrawal headaches can be torturous! Reducing your cups a few days leading up to your fast is a good idea. Green tea is a good replacement, 


It is crucial to stay clear of processed food. We highly discourage the consumption of processed food - go for natural, raw, wholesome food as much as you can. This can be something you practice not just during pre-cleanse but after your cleanse as well. 


Meat should also be cut down, then completely removed, just prior to the cleanse. We recommend cutting out red meat first, then reducing chicken. Make fish last to go. Start by cutting your meat down to condiment-size portions. Before eliminating it completely, think of meat as a side, rather than the main course. Your body works much harder to break down and digest meat so, try to go easy on your body by consuming fruits and vegetables instead. 


Refined sugars ought to be removed altogether. There are plenty of natural alternatives: agave nectar, wild honey, and cane stevia spring to mind, just off the top of our heads.
Most folks reach for their tea, or order the mocha Frappuccino, without asking to hold the sugar. It’s critical to make a conscious effort here: to remove all refined sugars from your diet. Remember that all pasteurized juices and processed foods are packed with sugar. After the pasteurization process, packaged juice is dead - ‘fruit-flavored sugar water’.
The pasteurization gives a long shelf life, but kills all the good stuff along with the bad. Please don’t drink it – especially prior to a raw juice cleanse.


Bread, rice, and pasta should be reduced a few days before, and then removed completely at least two days prior to the cleanse (preferably more). Substitutes such as brown rice and multi-grain breads are better. However these too should be removed 2 days prior to the cleanse.


Dairy products produce excess mucous throughout our entire systems. Milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt all need to go before you cleanse. Try fresh dairy-free nut milk, vegan cheese or a nut spread. You may find that you enjoy some of these substitutes more than the originals!
Make some changes prior to your cleanse—give some whole foods a try.  


Ideally, pre-cleanse should comprise of meals consisting of only fruits and vegetables. Try your best to make these your meals three days leading up to the cleanse. Load up on them - you can be creative with your meals. Stir-frying, steaming, roasting, baking or even better, go raw! ​


Going on a cleanse can be a challenging experience for most of us, but most importantly it will be one of the most amazing things you can do for your body and one of the most enriching, rewarding experiences you will get on. You are about to embark on a journey of change, growth and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. It is far more than just drinking juices. To prepare, we encourage you to read and understand more about what your body is about to go through and watch these inspiring videos to make the most out of this experience.  Plan a routine/schedule to free up your time during cleanse to reflect, rest and rejuvenate. Try to cut social activities that would tempt you or stress you out! Remember, it's all about letting your body heal, and your mind being at ease. 


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