Enhancing Your Cleanse

To enhance your detox experience.. 

Salt Water Flushes
You can use salt to clean out your entire gastro-intestinal system! Simply mix 1 liter of warm water with 2 level teaspoons of salt and drink first thing in the morning. Fairly soon you should feel the need to head to the bathroom. You may need to visit the toilet several times, but that’s just the flush doing its job. We recommend you do this on a weekend so you can stay comfortable at home.

Pyslium Seed husk is used during cleansing for providing the bulk matter necessary for bowel movements. Some call it a shower for your insides. It can be used with colonics for maximum benefit, or just by itself. 

Herbal Teas are cleansers' best friends. People on long cleanses are known to go a little tea-mad—knocking back a wide sampling of different teas. You’re free to try anything as long as it’s herbal. We do not recommend herbal laxative teas unless you’re experiencing acute constipation and have tried all the other suggestions found in this guide. 


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