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​and - with your feedback - tweak it for your satisfaction!



​The first thing to consider is time. How much time do you have? We always recommend people start with a 6 day cleanse, if time is a problem then drop to 4 days. But, we do always recommend  people to plan ahead, and don't rush into it! Read about it, understand it, and get into it with zest and a goal in mind

It takes time for the body to start detoxing and for the self healing process to take effect. 6 days is perfect for a beginner and it really is a minimum to reap the full benefits. A 4 day cleanse may not be enough for some and leave you still feeling the detox symptoms, so giving your body more time is the best choice. Going on a cleanse is a personal journey (everyone feels different!) and everyone starts with a personal goal in mind. So think about your goals then determine your cleanse duration from there. We have people going on a 10 day Cleanse because that's what they need and we have even had clients doing over 60 days with us due to certain conditions they are aiming to reverse! So like we said, going on a cleanse is a personal journey of your own! 

Newbies are often worried that if they can't handle the full duration and fear that if they stop, they would have wasted their time and money. Don't worry, If you feel the need to stop early, we can always keep your remaining days for your next cleanse or switch you to juicing from cleansing instead. So don't fear, good juice won't go to waste! 

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​Next is juice variety:  people who are new to juicing often find it harder to adjust to green juices. Getting used to green juice or all veggie juice takes time. However, we can say that over time, most people will prefer a mostly veggie blend. It does take time to change your taste buds and get rid of the sweet cravings. So if you are new to juicing, we recommend the beginner cleanse or "reboot" as it has the most variety of juices and some of the best tasting for new juicers' taste buds. Although with a higher content of fructose in "Reboot" compared to Evolve and Guru, we still do keep the amount of fruits to the minimal, appropriate for a cleanse. 

We also provide additional support for our beginner cleansers. We make sure to contact you, make sure you are clear on how it all works, we have a simple juicing guide with easy to follow instructions and also keep in contact with you during your cleanse experience. Our support line is active daily from 8am to 5pm and you can email, WhatsApp, facebook message or line us if you prefer anytime. We want to make sure all of our first timers and new cleansers feel comfortable and have all their questions answered. 

Intermediate and advance programs are slightly different, we up the veggie ratio (and include 100% veggie juice too!) and customise the support and juice options. If it's not your first time juice cleansing, and you love your greens, we encourage you to go with either one of these two! 

We realize that not everyone wants their hand held through this process, we also know people who love their juice know their preferences. So this is where it gets more customised



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